For those unable to get their hands on any Tales of books, don't worry! We have you covered! We will have a library set up at the hotel where you can take out many kinds of books from VIVA!Tales of Magazines, to comic anthologies, to manga, and artbooks and more! Majority of them are of course in Japanese but that can't stop people from looking at the beautiful pictures.


All the artists that will be signed up will have Tales of Art for the taking! For artists who wish to have a table, registration is now available here!


Always wanted to play Abyss but never had a PS2? Wanted to see how broken Vesperia's battle system is? Then you're in luck as we will have almost all of the localized games available throughout the convention to play and enjoy, either by yourself or with up to four players!


Friends and strangers come together! Fight in the coliseum with a 4 person party! Battle Abyssion or Nebilim with people you've known for ages or are about to! We will have a tournament style area where you can fight the toughest most fun battles in many of the Tales of Games with 3 other people!


Suggest and make your own panels that are related to the series! Panel entries are now open! To submit your panel click here.


After a long day of panels, playing games one wishes to relax and merely watch. Head over to the panel room to see TV shows and movies from the Tales of series. Symphonia and Abyss OVA, First Strike, and many more will be provided, subbed (and maybe even dubbed)


Come sing along to all kinds of Tales songs on Friday night, including the openings to Abyss, Vesperia, Zestiria and more!


Dance the night away with old friends, new friends or strangers either in or out of cosplay. The theme this year is formal wear, so wear your suit and tie, spruce up your favourite cosplay, or cosplay one of the many formal themed outfits within the Tales series! There will be a contest held throughout the dance for best dressed!


Showcase your one of a kind 2D and 3D artwork in this Tales themed silent art auction, or bid on unique art pieces to make your very own. After a $5 fee, the proceeds of the auction go straight to the artist, and the winner of each piece will be announced at closing ceremonies. You can submit at the registration desk Friday and Saturday or fill out an application online beforehand here.